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ProSource TPG-ACR250PSI3L Portable Air Compressor TIRE INFLATOR W/GAUGE-LIGHT   BellAire 30500-8 Portable Tire Inflator
The ProSource air compressor is designed to operate from a car cigarette lighter. It's suitable to inflate car tires, bike tires, beach balls, footballs and other recreational equipment. The specifications includes 12 V, 9 A working current and the pressure gauge and inflation accessories are included. This compact 12 V standard tire inflator has everything you need. A fast inflation time of just 8 mins, a built-in dial gauge, a bright LED light and rubberized feet for increased stability. Inflator with power button, dial pressure gauge and LED work light. LED work light turns on when inflator unit is plugged into vehicle 12 V cigarette lighter socket. Replaceable fuse provides maximum protection for the inflator and vehicle. Portable, 10 mins fill time, with 10 ft power cord, 4 in air hose with twist on nozzle. Includes raft adapter and inflator needle kit and storage/carry bag.
TIRE INFLATOR DIGITAL 12V     BellAire 33000-8 Portable Programmable Tire Inflator TIRE INFLATOR HEAVY DUTY
The future of tire inflation is here. Say hello to Slime's second generation 12 V tire inflator with digital display. No longer do you have to keep checking your tire pressure as you inflate to make sure it's at the optimum level. This inflator handles everything for you. With Slime's Inflate Right Technology, simply set your desired pressure on the display, turn on the inflator and walk away. It's that easy. In just 6 min, your tires will be totally inflated, giving you peace of mind and improving your gas mileage. And if you find yourself needing to inflate in the dark, we've included a built-in LED light right on the inflator. Portable, fast 5 mins fill time, 12 V with 10 ft power cord, 2 ft air hose with twist on nozzle and bleeder valve, dial pressure gauge with auto shut-off, flexible LED work light, raft adapter and sports ball needle. The heavy-duty Pro Power tire inflator from Slime is ready for action, with a 3 mins inflation time for standard tires, a total reach of 26 ft, an integrated LED light, direct drive motor and in-line tire pressure gauge, it's ready to take on the world. Whether it's on or off-road, sundown or sunset, the Pro Power Tire Inflator is there to get you out of a bind and back where you belong.
Slime's 120 V garage tire inflator is just that tool. It plugs into any wall outlet and includes a bracket to tack it on your garage wall. With a fast 4 min inflation time on a standard tire, this powerful inflator will get you back on the road in no time. Slime's heavy-duty 2X Pro Power tire inflator was built to handle pretty much anything thrown at it. With its direct drive, dual cylinders, this tire inflator can air up a car tire in just two minutes. Despite that, it's super quiet and is equipped with a thermal break feature to prevent overheating. Add onto that an integrated tire pressure gauge, LED light for use in the dark, a total reach of 30 ft and you have one heavy-duty inflator.