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BLADE UTILITY KNIFE 3/8IN 5PC Quick-Point 11-300 Utility Knife Blade American Safety Razor 66-0372  Utility Knife Blades
The Vulcan 9 mm utility knife blade is made of carbon steel with a thickness of 4 mm. Comes in a pack with a quantity of 5. Snap-off replacement blade with 13 cutting points, the 11-300 fits most 9 mm snap-off blade knives. High carbon knife steel blades; 8-point snap off; fits all standard 18 mm, heavy-duty snap-off knives.
Allway Tools K7B  Utility Knife Blades Quick-Point 11-301 Replacement Single Hole Utility Knife Blade Hyde Tools 42330  Utility Knife Blades
High carbon, steel blades; 7-point snap off for K7, K700, KS7, RK7 and similar snap off knives. No. 11-300: fits No.10-150 and most other 3-1/2", 9mm snap-off blade knives. No 11-301: fits Nos.10-218, 10-480, 10-380, 10-280, 10-220, 10-418, 10-151 and most other 4-1/2", 18mm snap-off blade knives. Five 18 mm replacement blades for Hyde; 42028, 42030, 42047, 42055 and most other knives requiring 18 mm blades; 8 sharp points per blade.
FatMax 11-718T Snap Off Blade BLADES SNAP OFF 8 PT 10PK     Quick-Point 11-325T Super Utility Knife Blade
STANLEY Blade, 18 mm, Number of Points: 8, Carbon Steel, 4-1/4 in L, 0.02 in Thick, Applicable Materials: Cork, Linoleum, Styrofoam, Tar Paper, Suitable for: 4FE34 Utility Knives, Olfa L-Series American LINE Blade, 18 mm, Edge Type: 2-Facet, Snap-Off, Number of Points: 8, Carbon Steel, 3.94 in L, 0.688 in W, 0.021 in Thick With Stanley's super heavy-duty quick-point blades, used sections of blade can be snapped off, providing a fresh, sharp cutting point.
BLADE SNP-OFF AR SBA18-4X3 4IN Hyde Tools 42345  Utility Knife Blades BLADE KNIFE UTILITY 18MM 5PC
A reliable blade for everyday cutting with excellent sharpness and long life. Developed for all-round usage such as cutting plastic and paperboard, stripping cables and opening boxes. 18 mm blades come in a practical storage box with 4 dispensers holding 3 spare blades each. The box can be used for snapping blades and safely storing worn out blades. Recycle worn out blades as metal scrap. Five 9 mm blades, used as replacements for most knives requiring 9 mm blades and Hyde #42030, 42047 and 42055; 13 points per blade. The Vulcan 18 mm utility knife blade is made of carbon steel with a thickness of 4 mm. Comes in a pack with a quantity of 5.